Why Us?

Our expert trainers, Production strength Infrastructure, and Hands on Training methodology make us Unique

As a service provider, we realized that the ever increasing demand for quality consultants cannot be matched with just the workforce we have and the skill set that they used on specific projects. So we use training as a way to enhance the skills of our consultants as well as build a cadre of trained professionals by actively recruiting and training them to fit our client needs.  We expect this pool of trained people to satisfy the demands of our company and those of our clients.

Our training is resource rich and enables each of our resources to cater to every sector and service we offer.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are well rounded, technology and business savvy seasoned professionals with many years of working experience and leadership in their fields. They lead diverse teams that delivered many successful projects and made their applications and systems continuously available and scalable without any major technical glitches. No trainer has less than a decade of work experience in his or her respective fields. They use this knowledge to create courses that best address the industry needs. Our trainers seamlessly incorporate their know-how of technical, professional, organizational skills into the training. Our trainers have experienced, and mastered the waves of changes that happened in the technology domain. They know how to predict, ready oneself, and make use of change.

Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum is designed and developed by expert practitioners who are always current with latest technology and know what is in demand and what it takes to nurture your skills to be a valuable resource and smart technologist. The training structure and course contents are updated regularly to ensure we equip you with most current technical skills. Our curriculum is practical, result oriented, completely hands on and incorporates real world projects that resemble implementations in large corporations. Our courses address all aspects of typical project needs by structuring each course for an immersive learning, each specialized and diverse yet connecting them in your learning path. These factors make us stand apart, distinct and valuable compared to the offerings from other course providers and their learning platforms.

Training Methodology

We use instructor lead, exploratory and completely hands on approach to learning and problem solving. Beyond the class room our instructors are available to help you through on line meets, individual consultations to support you throughout your learning experience with us. They regularly assess and recognize areas requiring improvements and offer timely advise to correct any deficiencies. Our approach thus is guaranteed to lay a solid foundation to make you a confident and skilled technologist with in depth knowledge.

Real Enterprise Infrastructure

The specialty of this training program is provision of real, full infrastructure for students to play with, to experiment, and to learn with. We train you on enterprise scale infrastructure and provide real scale infrastructure and software to explore, practice and perform in our deep learning pattern.

Expectations from Students

Our scenario based real world requirements based learning pattern demands sincere and concerted effort. We therefore insist and strongly recommend that you sign up with us only if you can invest your time and remain focused for the entire duration of the training. We will encourage and motivate you to move out of your comfort zone to make your learning complete and most productive. It helps in translating training into tangible results and makes you ready for the real life work setup which is all about performance and results. Real work life is demanding with ever increasing stakes.

How we enable our students

Students become role ready and gain the confidence to do all activities associated with the role they trained for. Every student will have access to one-on-one training on a daily basis throughout the program. Students can raise any questions and seek clarifications. Students learn the language, the thought processes involved, the jargon, and all the intricacies of what it takes to be a real professional.

Students learn distinctions, and nuances beyond internalizing the fundamentals. Trainers use their decades of work experience to create work life work problems for students to learn to solve in a logical step-by-step process. Students learn common problems, causes and consequences of the problems, and the range of solutions possible. Students can access trainers even after they completed the training for any questions, mentoring, and directional support. Make Your Next Bold Move now.