Cloud Services

Convextree provides

  • Cloud consulting
  • Strategy & Migration
  • Remote infrastructure Management, and
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

Convextree helps develop strategic and tactical plans for using cloud computing services based on the cloud patterns and best practices. We also provide automation services to streamline server provisioning, operations, continuous delivery, and continuous compliance over software, security patches and configuration settings.

Cloud computing has reduced overall costs due to decreased expenses for hardware, maintenance, and IT staffing. Embedded flexibility in the cloud provides opportunities for organizations to be agile and responsive.

Growing demand, emerging opportunities, and business cycle fluctuations can be addressed easily through cloud computing, as scaling up and scaling down are easier.

Because cloud computing makes business and financial sense, it is a rapidly growing technology. It is no exaggeration to say almost all growing organizations consider cloud services a priority, if they do not already use them.

We are with you at every step on your journey. We help organizations realize how to take best advantage of cloud, based on the evolving cloud patterns and best practices. Using our expertise and experience, you can make the ideal use of what cloud offers smoothly and easily.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

  • You should assess whether cloud makes real business and financial sense to your organization, at this point of your growth story.
  • Determine which cloud model (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Public, Community, Hybrid and Private Cloud Deployment) suits your business best considering your goals and your application ecosystem. All available choices will be explained in detail to the client.
  • As moving to cloud can be complex, we help you decide which applications should move to cloud, which would be better to continue as they are, and which needs to be transitioned, reduced, or eliminated. Migrating to cloud requires careful planning considering your readiness level and your priorities. However, with experts designed and executed cloud migration strategy, the transition to cloud is comfortable and quick.
  • Build a Proof of Concept (POC) and validate the technology.

Architecture & Design

  • Create a roadmap and measure success – Estimate the effort required to migrate applications, understand one-time costs involved and assess the timeline.
  • Design, architect, and create custom cloud applications and tools for you to maximize efficiencies from cloud, if required.
  • All tested, and proven applications and infrastructure will be migrated to the cloud to ensure continuity. Wherever required, integration with existing systems and applications in on-premise network, or in third party data center will be done.

Cloud Migration

  • Forklift migration strategy – Stateless applications, tightly coupled applications, or self-contained applications are better served by using the forklift approach. In this approach you will be able to migrate an existing application into the cloud with few code changes.
  • Hybrid migration strategy – Consists of taking some parts of an application and moving them to the cloud while leaving other parts of the application in place. This strategy is low risk approach to migration of applications to the Cloud.
  • Cloud infrastructure management will be automated using Amazon cloud Formation, Chef, Opsworks, and Ansible.
  • We help with deploying docker containers on AWS that allows you to build, run, test and deploy distributed Linux container based applications. This leads to having fewer disruptions, least interruption and inconvenience. User experience will improve.
  • Cloud security is essential. There is a need for governance and compliance to best practices implementation to ensure security is seamless. Storage, backup and archival services are available, to protect one’s own capability in case of a rare unfortunate event on cloud.
  • Your cloud infrastructure is always available. Load balancing systems that distribute loads across and with deployed redundancy ensure guaranteed availability, almost all the time. There is no need to worry at all about the possibility of being offline, non accessible.

At the end, you will have a fully functional cloud infrastructure -servers, platforms, and applications – for your teams to create value anywhere, anytime and unlock the productivity. Your teams will be using cloud like seasoned experts in no time.

Leverage all the advantages of being in cloud without any issues before, during and after transition. Partner with us. You are with the best. Make best use of our expertise.