DevOps utilizes development and operations simultaneously for one purpose and is neither a tool nor a product. It is an approach that blends the development and operations teams into one unit to help each other achieve the best results.

DevOps offers various proven benefits to companies. Standardized and automated procedures for infrastructure deployment, increased pace of innovation, reduced times to market and improved operational efficiency are some of the benefits besides improvement in organizational culture.

DevOps enables faster, more frequent and predictable software deployments and improvements. Organizations move from irregular and incremental to delivering continuously all while streamlining many practices.

DevOps offers possibilities, potential and flexibility. However, making it work and realizing all the benefits requires several sensitivities.

You need expert teams like us with years of experience in both traditional and DevOps workplace settings to help your development and operations teams understand and act like one blended team through appropriate interventions such as automation techniques, and managed transition with wherever required skill development interventions. We follow a clear path with well defined processes and checklists so as not to miss anything.

  • Situational Assessment: Business objectives, application architectures, infrastructure architectures, organizational culture and other aspects will be assessed, explored and understood. Strategy recommendations will be offered to reach your stated goals.
  • Besides offering our strategic and professional advice, we help you execute and get the desired results. Automate your entire infrastructure either in cloud or in on-premise. Organizations move from irregular and incremental to delivering continuously all while streamlining many practices.
  • Achieve and maintain the speed required on popular configuration management tools and DevOps methodologies.

Configuration management tools

Your teams can take our help on how to use configuration management tools to deploy the infrastructure necessary to create development, Integration Test, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Production environments for software development projects. We support following configuration management tools:

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet

Version control systems

Source code management system for software development projects can be setup. We support following version control systems:

  • Git
  • Subversion

Continuous Integration

Move from manual deployment to automated deployment with our helping hand. Automation helps accelerate software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Implement and manage systems and methodologies with our guidance and support using Jenkins, Git and Subversion for continuous integration and delivery that are specifically designed by us for your organisational goals.

BBenefit from our expertise in creating Docker images on your local servers, pushing Docker images up from your local servers to Docker registry and starting up Docker containers on the remote hosts.

Simplify orchestration of docker containers and dockerizing your applications using our proven expertise on configuration management tools.